Videos: Mobile Phone Use While Driving Sends Bugatti into Drink

No matter how many times people are told that using your mobile phone while driving is dangerous there are those who simple don’t take any notice whatsoever. And it looks like this particular guy regrets reaching for his mobile phone whilst driving his $1 million plus Bugatti Veyron.

This guy from Texas takes his super car out for a spin on I-45 in La Marque, and rather than just pull over to get his mobile phone he decides to reach for it while moving, the results of which land his Bugatti Veyron in a salt marsh.

Apparently the guy offer an excuse to the police that a low flying pelican made him drop his mobile phone and so he reached for it, and the results have been captured on video which we have for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of intomobile.

The video was taken by a drive on the opposite highway, and on watching we couldn’t see any signs of a low flying pelican or any other distraction other than of course using a mobile phone while driving, just blue sky all the way. So check out the videos below as there is yet again a lesson to be learnt by some, and just goes to show that a worldwide ban on mobile phone use in a moving vehicle is needed.

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