Engadget Changes Site Design: IntoMobile exchanges harsh words

Engadget has decide it is time for a whole new website look and this is what they have done, they are the most visited website for technology and we even visit them for mobile phone news, but what is more interesting is the way IntoMobile exchanges harsh words against them.

Personally we love IntoMobile and Engadget and we are not getting involved but it is quite funny what IntoMobile has said, they say “love the new look, but your RSS feed is now a bit of a sneaky b*****d”. They go on to mention about Engadgets RSS feeds that have changed.

IntoMobile obviously does not like the way they have done things and suggest they consider fixing the “issue” or they should at least let them know the decision to make your RSS feed the way it is now. They also mention another site that does this as well.

Visit IntoMobile and take a look at their screenshots and the full details of what they have said, also we are asking our readers what they think of Engadgets new design and what they think of their new RSS feeds.

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