Leave It On now Updated to version 1.5 Plus Contest

There is an application available that enables the BlackBerry user to leave their backlight on or even tweak their backlight settings and is know as Leave It On which has according to the guys over at Crackberry now been updated to version 1.5.

The Leave It On application enables the user to choose when and just for how long they want the backlight on with any app and can even set the light whilst plugged in via USB or charging, or simply have it light up on incoming messages.

Apparently the user can use Leave It On to automatic backlight such applications as Shazam, Google Maps, web browser, media player, BlackBerry Messenger, GPS apps, Weather apps such as Berryweather, Radar Maps and WeatherBug, and more.

The guys over at Crackberry haven’t just reported on the Leave It In application but also have 100 copies of the application to give away and all you are required to do to be in with a chance of winning a copy of Leave It On is to drop them a comment on their post, but hurry as the contest ends on Sunday.

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