BlackBerry Bold 9700 Stress Test 2 Music Streaming

You may remember a while ago Kevin of Crackberry put him BlackBerry Messenger through a stress test to find out the BlackBerry Messenger’s true limits, you can read that report (here) well apparently Adam is now fed up with Kevin continually going on about the battery life of the Blackberry Bold 9700.

Now apparently they have heard that the BlackBerry Bold 9700 handset’s music playback has been greatly improved as well as a great deal has gone on under the hood to make sure the BlackBerry Bold 9700 streams music for a whole 35 hours.

Therefore Adam has taken up the challenge to do a second stress test with the BlackBerry Bold 9700 both streaming music via maybe Pandora or Slacker, and also by the built in media player and will also run his BlackBerry Curve 8520 and BlackBerry Tour alongside to see how they compare.

We wish Adam luck in his BlackBerry Bold 9700 music streaming quest and will of course reports on the findings of this second stress test as soon as Adam posts the results.