Video: AT&T Hits Back at Verizon over 3G

Over in the States the Blue vs Red battle continues over 3G network coverage, and although Verizon may have won the first legal round, AT&T isn’t going to lower their guns as we now have a new video commercial from AT&T in the latest strategic move in the battle.

The AT&T 3G Side By Side video we see actor Luke Wilson ask the question…”Who offers the best 3G experience,” and with AT&T and Verizon board at have goes on to tout AT&T’s 3G in all five boxes except one.

The video touts such things as AT&T having the fastest 3G network, that the customer can talk and surf at the same time, that AT&T have the most popular smartphones (we presume they mean the iPhone) and access to over 100,000 applications.

The AT&T video which can be viewed below courtesy of daily mobile, is a short one at 31 seconds long but does get the point across that their 3G network is better than Verizon’s, so what do you think, is AT&T 3G better than that of Verizon?

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