O2 UK iPhone Unlock Slowly Rolls Out

In the battle to retain their iPhone customers, not so long ago O2 UK announced they will begin unlocking iPhone handsets as their exclusivity deal has now expired; meaning they’d rather unlock the iPhone than risk losing custom to Orange UK who now also offer the iPhone.

However, according to an article over on engadget, they signed up right away and didn’t get a response until the 16th of November which was 5 days after O2 UK unlocked the first batch of iPhones according to other user’s tweets.

Apparently their text message went missing but they were able to decipher the procedure, apparently you simply stick in a non-O2 SIM card and connect to iTunes and the job is done. They have also posted a gallery of the procedure to make it as simple as possible for readers.

So O2 UK is rolling out their iPhone unlock gradually; are any of our readers going to go with O2 UK’s unlock or will you just wait until your O2 contact runs out and then switch to Orange?


One thought on “O2 UK iPhone Unlock Slowly Rolls Out”

  1. TiM says:

    Well, I contacted O2 14 days ago & they have taken the required money from my prepaid O2 account to unlock the phone, however they state they have no record of my application to unlock! Have been told this will take at least 5 more working days to resolve as Apple supply the unlock codes.