Rugged Casio G’zOne Rock Launched by Verizon

The Casio G’zOne Rock is the successor to the rugged Casio Boulder and has just been introduced by Verizon Wireless, and does look quite similar to the Boulder but with a slightly less hardcore name reports engadget mobile.

The Casio G’zOne Rock rugged mobile phone sports touch sensitive music controls, is dual-band CDMA/800/1900, is 3G capable, has a 2 megapixel camera with LED flash, Bluetooth 2.1, GPS, music player, microSD expansion and also features Triple Senor that apparently enables the Casio G’zOne Rock to offer integrated compass, pedometer and thermometer.

Obviously the Casio G’zOne Rock complies with Military Specification 810F for resistance to such things as sun exposure, water, dust, and should be available online right now or in Verizon stores on the 30th of November commanding a price tag of $199.99 on agreement and after rebate.

Anyone out there thinking of grabbing a Verizon Casio G’zOne Rock or upgrading from the Casio G’zOne Boulder?


9 thoughts on “Rugged Casio G’zOne Rock Launched by Verizon”

  1. Andy says:

    I just bought the Rock and I really like it. The voice quality seems about as clear as the Razor I had and the Gz Gear part is great. Tide is accurate and the compass is cool. So far I’m really happy with this phone.

  2. craig says:

    I have had the rock for about 3 days now…i was really looking forward to getting this phone because i have heard so much about the ones before it. So far i have been pretty upset with it. It is VERY slow…when you flip it open, the screen stays black for about 3 seconds, hitting the short cut button for inbox takes quite a bit of time, and ending calls is very delayed. As far as the g’s gear…not as cool as it looks, i am really into the outdoors and stuff and it just not that cool. Im honestly completely let down about this phone, for those wondering about sound quality, that is fine. other than that this phone sucks

  3. nat says:

    I got this phone yesterday – upgraded from a two-year old razr. So far I’m very happy with it. I’d never heard of it before, but when I found out about it, I knew it was the phone for me – I’m a science teacher, and I’m always dropping phones or getting them wet, etc.

    Anyway, with respect to Craig’s review – I have to completely disagree. The screen turns on as soon as I flip it open. Ending calls is not delayed – when you end a call, the screen retains the call info for several seconds, which you can turn off anyway.

    The built-in apps are really cool – compass, lunar phases, etc. Camera’s great.

    Plus, the charger comes with a dock, so you can easily set the phone in the dock and charge it, without messing around with the cable.

    Like I said, I’ve only had it for 24 hours (less, actually), but I’m very happy so far.

  4. Randy says:

    I just bought this phone 2 days ago. I read several reports about phone lagging from application to application, and poor battery life. So far I have seen nothing close to being a problem with this phone. It is a “cool” phone that is really loud. I have a hearing problem, and I work in a semi noise environment, and it works great. Gets a good signal, and call clarity is good also. This phone is packed full of features, some useful, some just novelties. This phone is not the lightest phone, which one would expect to be rugged, just a bit heavier than some of the cheap plastic phones. If you are looking for a good solid phone for calling and just a little to moderate texting this could be a good choice for you. All in all it is a really nice “PHONE”. If you are looking for a PDA or phone to do a bunch of texting, get a phone that better suites your needs. Hope this helps.

  5. lael says:

    Due to the nature of my work I go through gear like no ones business. To put things into context…I use only Panasonic toughbook PCs in the field…all others fail…they are worth the money oif you work in the outdoors. I have had the rock for about 1 week. I had the first generation of the Gzone…whatever….dumb name…anyway…the first generation of this phone was great for about a year until it took a fall that was over its drop rating. Still…it was great other than no bluetooth. I had verizons \”replacement\” before the rock came out…it was crap and died on me after about two months. I work in the outdoors as an archaeologist and product tester for outdoor gear so if it anyone will break it I will…so far the rock has performed well…again, I say so far. I chose verizon because of friends and family free…but from my experience the Nextel motorola gear outperforms everytime for rugged enviro. We will see. So far… I see no lag time with the phones response to opening and such…other user above…maybe you got a bad phone. Anyway…so far no problems here. I will post later. If thois phone doesnt hold up as it should I will post.

  6. Luke says:

    I bought this phone about a week before Christmas and I’m not impressed to say the least. I upgraded from the G’z one type S (which was an awesome phone), so i was expecting something pretty close to the same but with a few more options…… Wrong! I got 4 new phones in 4 weeks and all of them have the same 2 problems, caller id shows the wrong random name, it locks up on occasion, and i even got blue fatal error screen once on one of them. It seams rugged enough, but if you don’t know who is calling and its not reliable who cares if its rugged.

  7. William says:

    I thought i was upgrading from the g zone type s when i got the rock. I have been extremely unpleased with the rock, it sucks seriously. i have had nothing but problems with the rock. its slow, unreliable, and wont last. when something costs as much as one of these i would expect quality. its not, chinsey more so. it shuts off when i turn it on about half the time and im on my fourth one in two months. the phone is garbage dont buy one, you will be unpleased if you do.

  8. Gauge says:

    I've had the rock for about two weeks now. I had the original, then got the Motorola Adventure V750. The V750 didn't last my two years, so I bought the Rock. I've been pleased with it's performance, but I am a little curious about a sticker on the side in regards to water resistance; it says to completely cover the charging and earphone ports on the side. The earphone port on the side is covered, but the charging ports on my phone are exposed. Is this normal? Does Verizon or Casio sell something for that? What have people used to do this in the short term?