Get rugged with the Casio G zOne Boulder from verizon

Verizon has finally released their much anticipated successor to their ultra rugged Casio G’zOne push to talk mobile handset, the Casio G’zone Boulder mobile phone.

Intomobile has snapped Verizon’s online web store offering up the Casio G’zOne Boulder at a cool price of $129.99 taking into consideration a 2 year contract and online discount.

Also Verizon have the G’zOne Boulder on shelves at their street stores for a price of $179.99, and available in black-on-silver, but other colours will probably follow.

Spec update wise the Boulder is seriously eye catching along with military type dust, shock, and water resistant, with push-to-talk on the EVDO Rev.A, 1.3 megapixel camera and slimmer profile.

So if you are one of the water borne, sand storm, rough and tumble types out there that need a compliant mobile phone, the Casio G’zOne Boulder is one rugged handset that should suit the job nicely.


7 thoughts on “Get rugged with the Casio G zOne Boulder from verizon”

  1. GT says:

    Poor sound quality (both incoming and outgoing) is an understatement! Is this due to an unwelcome side-effect of the water-proofing of this handset??

    I work for a large metro PD, who just changed over to Verizon (from Nextel), and we’re all being issued the Boulder.

    The thought of conducting business without the effective Direct Connect was bad enough, but I figured I could live without it (not like I had a choice).

    But, I’ve found that unless I’m in my ultra-quiet office, trying to actually understand a conversation on this thing is a joke! It’s so bad that if I’m out in the car, or anywhere remotely noisy, I just expend my own minutes and use my personal AT&T RAZR.

    I hope Verizon/Casio/Qualcomm can improve this POS with a firmware update!

  2. LC says:

    The sound quality on this phone IS really bad. I am hard on phones, so wanted one I could abuse without worry. I didn’t realize that I was sacrificing the whole purpose of the phone (being able to talk to another person & hear each other clearly) by upgrading its durability. I am still within my 30-day purchase period and plan to exchange the phone for another with better sound quality.

    Hopefully a beta version will come out with this issue resolved!

  3. TM says:

    I agree about the terrible sound quality! You would think that after three versions of this phone being released, they’d get everything right! I don’t think the waterproofing has anything to do with the sound quality, since it was fine on the first model (GZone V).

    I started with the V model. EXCELLENT sound quality and an exceptional speakerphone. Also had a good MP camera. I was very happy with this phone. The great speakerphone made Bluetooth unnecessary. I could set it on the passenger seat of the car and carry one a conversation as though the person was sitting next to me.

    Then it was stolen, so I had to get an S model as the replacement. Well, it’s a good thing they added Bluetooth to this one, because the speakerphone was worthless. The camera was VGA (also worthless), and the finish was so smooth that it was hard to hold onto in wet OR dry weather. Wasn’t this phone designed to be used outdoors?? The V at least had a somewhat rough, gripable finish! General sound quality of both the V and S were “good enough”, but still not great. But hey… it’s a cell phone, not a landline, so that can be expected to some extent. If you want perfect call clarity, use a landline.

    Now that the Boulder has come out, it seems they have finally gotten “most” of it right. Good camera and overall external design. It’s shape makes it a little easier to hold onto. The speaker phone is still so-so bordering on bad, though. The removable memory is also a big plus! Now I can actually get instant access to my photos instead if having to upload them, download them, etc. and in the process, lose a lot of clarity. I don’t use it for music, so that’s not being reviewed here by me. I have a stereo if I want to hear music. 🙂

    What I don’t understand is why they can’t take the best features of each phone and combine them to create the new model? What’s so darn difficult about that? Use the V model speakerphone and camera, add external memory and bluetooth, and add a finish that’s easy to grip.

    If they had only done this, they would have created the perfect phone for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. C’mon people…. don’t you ever read the reviews before releasing a new model? So much for the “R” in R&D…..

    I suppose the music feature isn’t going to be used that often on a job site or in the woods. Personally, I head out to the wilderness to get away from things like that. 🙂 For that reason, I don’t see the need for it on this type of phone. Not many kids I know want a phone like this, anyway.

    I’m returning this one and going back to my trusty ol’ LG VX-4650 until they finally get the GZone right.
    It too has an excellent speakerphone, decent sound quality for a cell phone, and does what it’s designed to do.

    Better luck next time, Casio!

  4. This is a great phone. If anyone would spend some time in the menu, they would find that by default the “voice privacy” is set ON. If you have a problem hearing the audio, TRY TURNING IT OFF!!!!!!

  5. alex says:

    If anyone would spend some time in the menu, they would find that by default the “voice privacy” is set ON. If you have a problem hearing the audio, TRY TURNING IT OFF!!!!!!

  6. Jim says:

    “TRY TURNING IT OFF!!!!!!” would be a good idea. Too bad nobody at Verizon knew why this was the cause of the awful sound and you had to get to page 185 of the owners manual to learn this.
    Otherwise this phone is great if you are tough on phones and need its features.

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