Torque Game Engine brings 2D and 3D games to iPhone

Did you ever thing that the Apple iPhone would become a gaming platform? Obviously Apple foresaw the iPhone’s huge potential as a mobile gaming environment, but nevertheless the iPhone’s appeal as a gaming platform has surprised many.

Mobile game manufacturers have embraced the Apple iPhone as you can tell by the multitude of mobile games apps at Apple App Store.

Tuaw reports that GarageGames has announced Torque for iPhone. The Torque Game builder and Torque Game Engine work to help game developers easily create 2D and 3D mobile games that the Apple iPhone can take advantage of, such as…

Touch screen Gesture Recognition, iPhone Optimized Compressed Texture, Multi-touch Input Support, Advanced Character and Shape Animations.

Torque Game Builder’s WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) “real time editor, easy integration with many 3D modelling packages, a powerful scripting language and more,” iPhone game development has never been easier.

The Torque Game Engine allows developers to create games that leverage the iPhone’s OpenGL ES system in an integrated environment. Then, once the game is coded and ready to run on an iPhone, the graphics are handed over to the iPhone’s graphics processors.

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