Apple iPhone 3G moves closer to being unlocked

Conformation has come from the iPhone Dev Team of the first steps towards getting a simple fully working iPhone 3G unlocking solution out to the iPhone masses.

The latest on their blog shows a screen of an out-of-the-box iPhone 3G with an old beta baseband radio firmware version, which they say is the only thing that has been modified and everything else had been left untouched.

iphone unlock

The iPhone Dev Teams words were: “We have accomplished this by being able to execute our own code on the baseband that allows us to circumvent security checks and flash the baseband with older, disallowed firmware. Please note this has been accomplished using software only, the iPhone 3G has not been disassembled or hardware modified in any way.”

The baseband radio is what allows the iPhone 3G to lock onto mobile signals, so it goes without saying really that the codes which control this radio is of great interest to anyone looking to unlock the iPhone 3G to work with any GSM carrier.


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