Limited Edition Motorola Droid Prototype offered on eBay

If you want to get in on the Android action but fancy a Droid that’s a little bit more standout and different to all the bulk standard Motorola Droids you make want to scoot over to eBay as according to the guys over at engadget, eBay is offering a different type of Motorola Droid.

Apparently the Motorola Droid offered on eBay is a “limited edition,” and a Droid prototype according to the seller. Now this could be an actual Motorola Droid prototype or maybe not, but the seller believes that the handset they are selling is one of only five in existence.

This limited edition prototype Droid does differ in a couple of ways from the run of the norm Motorola Droid such as silver buttons rather than gold, “enhanced LED lighting” on the front buttons, and a chrome bezel rather than the standard black bezel.

Furthermore, apparently this Motorola Droid prototype works fine and is ready for activation. So if you are prepared to go for a bid on this prototype limited edition Motorola Droid, the bidding is currently at $485.

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