Motorola Droid Auto-focus Issue is a Time Stamp Bug?

Apparently that over the air silent update to the Motorola Droid camera wasn’t a silent update at all but rather a bug, although Droid owners presumed Verizon has secretly pushed out a fix for the Droid camera focus problem.

However according to an article over on engadget, Dan Morrill, an Android developer has explained what happened and that explanation is kind of strange in itself as apparently there is a rounding error bug in the Motorola Droid camera driver’s auto-focus routine that uses a time stamp.

This so they say causes the auto-focus to behave badly on a cycle of 24.5 days, which means for 24.5 days it will work fine and then next 24.5 is wont. The “work correctly” cycle began on the 17th, so for the next 24.5 days auto-focus should work fine.

Word has it that a permanent fix for this Droid issue is in the works. Strange, very strange indeed, you’d think that Verizon or Motorola would have made a mention of the issue at some stage wouldn’t you, rather than let Droid owners wonder what’s going wrong.