Droid Accounts for Quarter of all US Android Mobile Internet Traffic

The Motorola Droid appears to be garnering some interest and it looks like Verizon Wireless may just have a success on their hands with the Motorola Droid, although one wouldn’t actually call it an iPhone killer as such.

According to an article over on geek, Motorola shipped 100,000 Motorola Droid units in its first weekend of availability, but what was the mobile market penetration after the first week the Motorola Droid smartphone came out?

According to data taken on the 11th of November by one study on mobile internet traffic, the Motorola Droid accounted for 1.49 percent of all mobile internet traffic in the United States, which in itself doesn’t sound much but when you take into account the Android OS only accounted for a total of 6.33 percent, it isn’t bad.

The figures mean that the Motorola Droid after its first week is accounting for approximately a quarter of all Android mobile internet traffic. Of course when you also take into account the iPhone grabs 52.09 percent of mobile internet traffic you can see why the Motorola Droid can’t really be classed as an iPhone killer.

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