Automatic update to webOS 1.3.1 coming to Europe for Palm Pre

Those of you who have the Palm Pre on Telefonica networks in the UK, Spain and Germany will be happy to know that there will be a brand new update known as Version 1.3.1 of webOS.

You will also be happy to know you need not do anything because this update will happen over the air (OTA) and will take place as soon as you have 3G or Wi-Fi coverage within the next day or so, there are a few updated features all well.

The features include support for LinkedIn contacts and Yahoo! calendar and contact information in Palm, a new Facebook for Palm app, more options for using your Palm Pre in corporate EAS environments and improvements in e-mail and messaging, such as the ability to forward messages in the Messaging app.

For more information please visit the Palm Blog as they have all the answers, as soon as you have received this new update please let us know how you get on, we would love to know how good or bad it is.

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