Palm Pre Price Falls to $79.99 on Amazon

If you are of a mind to pick up the Palm Pixi due to it being a cheaper device than its sister smartphone the Palm Pre, you may want to rethink as according to an article over on 9to5mac, the Palm Pre smartphone has just seen a price drop which could well make the Palm Pixi less attractive.

According to the report, Amazon has now lowered their price for the webOS packing Palm Pre down to $79.99 along with the usual two year agreement and also they are waving the $36 activation fee.

Having said that, Amazon also offers the Palm Pre’s sibling the Palm Pixi for $24.99 and free activation, so the Pixi is still sitting at roughly half the cost of the Palm Pre; whereas Sprint offer the Palm Pre for $149.99 and the Pixi for $99.99.

So if you want a piece of webOS action the Palm Pixi is still the cheaper option but just how low does the Palm Pre have to fall before it becomes a more inviting smartphone, and does the lowering of the price on both handsets intimate sales aren’t doing as well as expected?

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