Amazon offer Palm Pixi for just $25

Any Palm webOS hopeful looking for a bargain on the new Palm Pixi may just like to pay Amazon a quick visit as according to an article over one engadget, just over a week after the Palm Pixi came on the market, Amazon is now offering the Palm Pixi for just $25.

This takes the entry level Palm Pixi way close to that free on contract mark and at the moment the Amazon price beats Walmart’s offering by $5. So logically the Palm Pixi is now at an attractive price to maybe get one or two for Christmas gifts.

Of course you need to remember the Palm Pixi is somewhat less that the Palm Pre, offering a smaller 2.6 inch touch screen and only a 2 megapixel camera rather than the 3 megapixel on the Pre, and also no WiFi. But you do get 3G data, GPS, 8GB storage and a 3.5mm jack.

The other thing to remember is that even if you purchase the Palm Pixi for $24.99 from Amazon you will still be required to sign up for that two year contract with Sprint.

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