T-Mobile Customer Data Sold on by Employees

Not only does T-Mobile have to live down the recent Sidekick debacle, but apparently now they have yet another scandal souring their name as an article on itproportal reports that the Deustche Telecom owned T-Mobile has confirmed that some employees have sold customer details on to brokers.

Apparently those T-Mobile employees responsible will be prosecuted as T-Mobile has passed on details to the Information Commissioner Office. The sold data was apparently used by third parties to cold call T-Mobile customers as they neared the end of their contracts and offered new deals on rival networks.

Apparently the report makes mention of “millions of records,” which means that each T-Mobile user has had quite a lot of data illegally passed on for gain and must have at least included the customer name, phone number and contract end data.

Apparently T-Mobile have stated they were not aware of the transactions, and a T-Mobile spokesperson has said that when it came to our knowledge contract renewal info was being passed to third parties we alerted the ICO.

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