Palm Pre Price Dropped to $49.95 by WirelessWave in Canada

It arrears our cousins over in great white Canada are in for a little treat with the Palm Pre smartphone. The other day Bell dropped the price of the Palm Pre down to $99.95, well according to an article over on intomobile, Canada’s Wireless Wave has taken it further.

Not too long ago WirelessWave dropped the price of the Palm Pre down to $99.95 and Bell followed suit, well now WirelessWave had drooped the Palm Pre smartphone down to just a nice low $49.95 with a three year contract.

So maybe Bell will again follow WirelessWave and lower their Palm Pre to $49.95 as well. Whatever, the lowering of smartphone prices can only be good for the customer in the end and well $50 isn’t a bad price for the webOS toting Palm Pre is it.

So if Canada is gaining such low prices for the Palm Pre maybe the States version and even the UK version of the Palm Pre will see their price being dropped, one can only hope, wait, and see.

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