New iPhone Worm Security Warning: Attacks Jailbroken SSH enabled Smartphone’s

A new and high-risk Apple iPhone worm has been found and a is clearly malicious, apparently it can act like a botnet say experts, this is the second worm that has hit the iPhone and has been found by security company F-Secure.

According to BBC News where we found this information it is specifically targeting users in the Netherlands who use their iPhone’s for internet banking with Dutch online bank ING Direct, this worm will redirect the banks customers to a look-a-like site with a login screen.

The worm will then attack jailbroken iPhone’s and will also put those at risk who have installed SSH (secure shell) which is a file-transfer program that will allow users to remotely connect to their phones.

The most worrying part about this worm is that it could possibly jump from one iPhone to another if users are using the same Wi-Fi hotspot, the first iPhone worm was called ikee which left affected users with their wallpaper being replaced with a picture of pop singer Rick Astley.

For more information about this worm please visit BBC News, also please do let us know if you have been affected and let us know what has happened to your iPhone.

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