Camera Magnification Mod for iPhone

In the mobile world there is always someone ready to modify some handset in one way or another, and it appears that someone decided they wanted magnification on their iPhone so set about making it happen no matter what the end result looks like.

Apparently, some guy over on indestructibles has fashioned a DIY iPhone Macro Lens Carousel out of an old jar lid, appropriated lenses from cameras and a suction cup and has come up with this stick on magnification tool for the iPhone.

To further this high-tech advancement in camera lens magnification technology he slapped a LED lamp in it which is powered by a 3V battery and this end result is pictured and furthermore to enable others to achieve the same he has posted full instructions on the website.

Now, are you going to rush off and manufacture your own camera magnification carousel for your iPhone, and could you put up with the embarrassment when you whip it out to take a picture? Drop us a comment along with your snaps if you do.

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