French iPhone Sales Gain Boost after Exclusivity is dropped

Most already know that if Apple opened up the iPhone to more carriers’ iPhone sales would probably rocket, and it seems an article over on marketwatch is proof of that fact as they report a boost in market share for the iPhone in France now that the exclusivity has been lifted.

Apparently since market regulators in France forced Apple to break exclusivity, iPhone market share in France has seen a 32 percent growth in the latest quarter as compared to the previous 3 months figure of percent.

iPhone exclusivity in the United Kingdom has also been broken with Orange UK now offering the iconic handset and apparently shifted some 30,000 iPhones on the first day. Vodafone UK is also to begin selling the iPhone next year in England and Ireland.

Over in the states though AT&T still has a stranglehold over the iPhone, but their exclusivity is due to end. So isn’t it about time Apple saw the potential in dropping exclusivity on the iPhone and just let any carrier offer the smartphone?

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