Emblaze Mobile First ELSE gains Hands-on Treatment

Some people really do choose the strangest names for a mobile phone, for instant the First ELSE Linux Phone, couldn’t they come up with something better? Anyway, the guys over at electricpig have managed to get hold of the First ELSE and have given the handset some hands-on love.

Spec wise the First ELSE packs a 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen, 5 megapixel camera, GPS, 16GB onboard storage, and the Else Intuition operating system along with a suitably thin build. The Else Institution software they say was easy to navigate with several nice touches like setting the handset to auto-record and save calls.

Although with Else Institution OS it does mean developers will once again have to cobble together applications for the new operating system. The first ELSE is a brand new mobile phone which is said to be due sometime in 2010.

The handset was briefly demonstrated in Japan last month and is the new handset from Emblaze Mobile and they claim that the First ELSE is not a mobile phone but rather a carrier for the new software Else Institution. So I’ll guess we’ll wait and see once the First Else gets out and about with reviewers, and we’ll of course bring you that info as and went it becomes available.


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