Googlephone on its way, runs Android Flan?

Ah the rumours of Google launching their own mobile phone just never seem to die as a report over on the Times Online reports that Google is preparing for an “all-out assault” on the mobile phone market which will include a Google branded phone complete with Google phone service and unlimited free calls.

Apparently the “Googlephone” will be one of the most advanced smartphones sporting a large touch screen and powered by a processor virtually twice as fast at that of the iPhone 3GS, and is said to pack Google’s latest Android OS known as Flan.

According to Northeast Securities analyst, Ashok Kumar the new Google smartphone will be manufactured by a 3rd-party handset maker, possibly HTC and will sport a Qualcomm processor.

Apparently the new Googlephone will be married with Google Voice which gives US customers a free phone number and unlimited calls to any landline and mobile phone in the US. Kumar further sates that there has never been a situation like this before where one vendor controls the entire stack.

Of course one does have to point out that the same Ashok Kumar who said Google will release their own Android phone which was shot down immediately with Google saying they are not making hardware. As for this supposed Googlephone, well Google has declined to comment.


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