Verizon Takes on Sprint over Most Dependable 3G Network Claim

It appears that Verizon isn’t satisfied with sniping at AT&T over network coverage and has now decided to turn some of their efforts to target Sprint Nextel Corp, and according to the AP has contacted the Nation Advertising Division of the Council of Berry Business Bureaus.

Apparently Verizon Wireless has taken umbrage to Sprint’s adverts which call Sprint “America’s most dependable 3G network.” Thus the national advertising watchdog has asked Sprint to stop airing said advert.

Recent tests by research firm Nielsen Co apparently showed Verizon Wireless suffered fewer dropped or blocked calls that Sprint and thus the watchdog is recommending Sprint halt the advert. Sprint has remarked that reviewers should look at more tests than just one.

Sprint has also stated they will appeal to the National Advertising Review Board. So it looks like almost every carrier is starting to enter the network coverage wars, AT&T and Verizon were first, then Telus verses Rogers, and now Verizon against Sprint, I wonder who will be next?


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  1. Chevytexas says:

    BBB is a shill agency, not an authority nor does it have any scientific department like consumer reports. Verizon is listed as a BBB client; this is extortion at its finest.

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