Videos: AT&T Fights Back at Verizon with New Ads

The Blue verses Red battle continues between AT&T and Verizon over 3G network coverage, and AT&T are now taking a double barrels shot at Verizon with a duo of new videos as this fight over 3g intensifies.

The AT&T adverts both features Luke Wilson of the first side by side AT&T advert; one called “Two Phones” which concentrates that a user requires 2 phones to talk and surf at the same time unlike when using the AT&T network.

The second AT&T advert called “Postcards” shows that the AT&T network covers 97 percent of Americans, and actually comes in two parts as Wilson lists numerous “postcards” of all the places AT&T has covered,

The three AT&T videos can be viewed below courtesy of the iphone blog, and in total last just over a minute and a half, so hit them up and see the latest broadside shot at Verizon in this 3G coverage battle.

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