Palm and Sprint Acknowledge Pre and Pixi Data Loss Problem

It appears that Palm Pre and Palm Pixi user are experiencing some problem with data transfer with their webOS smartphones with the results of some users losing calendar entries and contacts reports an article over on sfgate; this smacks of a taste of the T-mobile debacle to me.

Usually data stays one the handset and on the user’s Palm Profile on Palm’s servers, however for some users who have reset or replaced their handset they have found that quite large quantities of info has gone missing and apparently irretrievable.

Apparently both Palm and Sprint are looking into the data loss issue and have pushed out a statement on the matter which says that they are seeing a small number of customers that have experience issues transferring their Palm Profile info to another Palm webOS device and we are working closely to successfully transfer their info to their new device.

So there it is Palm and Sprint reckon it’s only a small number, but really the quantity isn’t the issue here it the fact that data has somehow been lost.

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