Spotted in Telus LG’s Monaco with Snapdragon and WinMo 6.5

It has been a while since hearing anything about LG’s Monaco, but it seems now the wait is almost over.

Sadly the previous rumour that Windows Mobile 7 would be onboard hasn’t transpired although Telus customers can still look forward to the S Class interface sprucing things up at least.

It is assumed to include a Snapdragon processor, 5 megapixel camera, WVGA display and comes with a nifty slide out QWERTY keyboard. Other than that details still remain a little on the vague side. To find out more then simply visit engadgetmobile.com


2 thoughts on “Spotted in Telus LG’s Monaco with Snapdragon and WinMo 6.5”

  1. Karen Musgate says:

    This phone runs the old-fashioned Windows Mobile operating system, which I previously had to use. It’s slow and old fashioned. Needs a stylus pen, and looks like it came from the Pocket PC era of last decade.

    A much better phone is the new LG GW620 phone, nicknamed “Eve”. It runs the much newer Android operating system. You use multi-touch gestures, which is a much better way than using a ridiculous stylus pen.