Video: Swype vs. iPhone Typing Comparison, and for Android next year

It looks as if Swype will be making its way to Android handset next year. Swype is an alternative keyboard whereby the user draws their finger between letters to form a word and was created by the inventor of the T9 predictive text system reports techcrunch.

Apparently Swype has also announced that the first mobile phone to incorporate Swype tech will be the Windows Mobile Samsung Omnia II on the Verizon Wireless network, but will hit Android net year also.

Basically the user of Swype literally swipes their finger across the keyboard to form words, although I’m not too sure how it defined which letter to use unless the finger needs to pause on each letter required, and then there’s the problem of the fingers being in the way and making it difficult to see where the letters are placed.

However, we have a short video demonstration of Swype in action for your viewing pleasure below which is a side by side comparison of typing on a Samsung Omnia II against the iPhone. Looks simple enough but in practice I’m not so sure.


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