2009 Cyber Monday iPod Touch 8GB Sale

It has always been an amazing iPod, the iPod touch with all of it’s groundbreaking technologies. Which include things like the Multi Touch screen, the accelerometer and 3D graphics.

It also has access to hundreds of games, millions of songs, thousands of videos not only does the music on the iPod touch sound amazing it actually looks amazing too. It comes in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models with brand new volume controls and built in speaker.

Create a play list of songs that you love, sit and watch a movie or surf the web./ There is just so much to do with the Apple iPod. You can find your own location and get directions with Google Maps. You can browse YouTube videos and shop til you drop in the app store.

We all remember what if felt like to flick through all your records or CD collection, you can even do that with the fantastic touch screen, simply tap the cover to flip it over and display the track list and simply tap it again to make the music play you van even view the lyrics while you are listening. For more information visit amazon.com