UK Android can now do Google Maps Navigation

It appears that us Android packing Brits can now gain some of that Google Maps turn by turn navigation our American buddies have been enjoying for some time via a hack for Android 1.6 and doesn’t need any routing around in code or major modding.

The guys over at electricpig have come up with an easy to follow tutorial for enabling Google Maps for Android 1.6 handsets and the first thing you’ll need to do is download the specifically modified Google Maps version onto your PC.

So here’s how it goes…connect your handset to you PC and copy the file, or copy to micro SD card. Disconnect the handset and insert micro SD card. Next install the file via ApkInstaller and open the file you copied across to your micro SD card. If prompted to install a non-Android Market application then do so.

This should then give the user two Maps icons, select the second one and input your directions in Google Maps as normal. Next you should see the option “Show on map” or “Navigate,” press Navigate and that’s it you now have Google Maps Navigation.

Lastly download Nav Launcher from the Android Market so you can jump to the navigation feature in Google Maps, and there it is Google Maps Navigation now in the UK for you to enjoy.


One thought on “UK Android can now do Google Maps Navigation”

  1. PeterMcC says:

    Very easy process and works fine.

    One problem is that the maps are UK but the software is US and so assumes driving on the right.

    Doesn’t make a lot of difference but street-view – which is brilliant for sat nav – looks a little confusing as it takes you anti-clockwise round roundabouts and down the wrong side of the dual carriage way.

    So, you see, officer…

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