BlackBerry Bold 9700 option now available from ColorWare

Own a new BlackBerry 9700 smartphone and want to tart it up a tad with some customisation in the colour department? Well apparently the guys over at ColorWare now have available a BlackBerry Bold 9700 option, giving BlackBerry Bold 9700 owners the chance to colorize their smartphone to their preference.

Of course according to the Boy Genius Report who have already had a couple of BlackBerry Bold 9700’s customised, you can either purchase a BlackBerry Bold 9700 direct from ColorWare or send you own handset off to them for customisation.

Purchasing a custom BlackBerry Bold 9700 direct from ColorWare will set you back some $849 or if you opt to send in your own device the customisation will set you back a tidy $159 with a return time of roughly a couple of weeks.

There is also the opportunity to receive custom parts with full instructions, no matter what colour you would like, red, blue, yellow, purple, you name it and ColorWare can do it.

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