iPhone 3,1 being tested in the wild?

Is there a new iPhone on its way? Apparently the word is a new iPhone has been spotted in usage records which could point to a new iPhone already out in the wild for testing. The iPhone identifier for an unreleased version of the iPhone has been noticed by iPhone app devs over at Pandav reports macrumors.

This iPhone identifier was spotted in an analytics reports from Pinch Media and was apparently shown as iPhone 3,1, and as we all know iPhone 1,2 was the iPhone 3GS this only leads to the speculation that there is indeed another version of the iPhone being tested.

There has been reference made to iPhone 3,1 back in August but this would be the first time the identifier has been spotted in the wild so to speak.

So could we possibly see a new iPhone version early next year? It’s doubtful, and this is only one piece of evidence of the possible existence of a new iPhone, and there have been similar reports roughly eight months prior to an iPhone release before, so we are probably looking at summertime before anything hits the streets.

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