Samsung Behold II gains in-depth review

The Samsung Behold successor the Samsung Behold II gains an in-depth review today by the guys over at engadget mobile who took the Samsung Behold II through its paces and say that hardware wise the Samsung Behold II is a solid device with a bit of weight.

With the Samsung Behold II Samsung has either replaced elements of the Android 1.5 or glossed over what’s left with TouchWiz; however they say the skinning overwhelms the 528 MHz CPU so recommend ditching the skin completely as it is poorly considered and adds nothing but poor performance.

The guys didn’t have any complaints with the calling quality though with an acceptable volume and no hiss or static. As for the media player the sound quality is good but there were problems playing MP3s.

As for the camera they do say Samsung’s interface is a nice touch and as long as you remember it’s a phone camera you shouldn’t be too disappointed, although
they do note 1 in 3 shots came out blurred. In closing they say that the Samsung Behold II does too many things too poorly. We have a Samsung Behold II sample video for your viewing pleasure below…enjoy.

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