BlueAnt Release Update 8.19 for Q1 with A2DP

Word has it that BlueAnt has now released a firmware update for the BlueAnt Q1 Bluetooth headset, and said update enables A2DP audio streaming and includes several small functions and fixes according to an article over on wmexperts.

The addition of A2DP audio streaming to the BluAnt Q1 Bluetooth headset will enable users to listen to their favourite podcasts, tunes and some GPS turn by turn navigation because A2DP supports GPS.

The update is to version 8.19 firmware and if you use a BlueAnt Q1 Bluetooth headset just head over to the BlueAnt website and download the updater tool and follow the directions, although currently it is only available for Windows units but a Mac version is apparently on its way.

Lastly the 8.19 update also includes a few button changes whereby a single click of the button will now end a call, and a double click during a call will switch between Max settings and Voice isolation Standard.

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