FCC Approve TerreStar Genus satphone

Looks like the guys over at engadget have been doing a bit of snooping around the old FCC again, and this time have come across the Genus satphone from TerreStar, which is expected to become available in Q1 of 2010.

Apparently the TerreStar Genus will be the first dual mode satphone and heading for iPhone carrier AT&T, and has now gained approval from the FCC.

The TerreStar Genus looks fairly unpretentious for a Windows Mobile handset which will near enough guarantees the user coverage no matter where they go in the big expanse of North American, and will come out of the gate packing US HSPA.

No hard confirmation as to just what release date we’ll see the TerreStar Genus satphone hit or what pricing it may command, but it does look to be on schedule for that Q1 release.

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