Palm Pixi gains webOS 1.3.2 while Poor Palm Pre waits

Apparently Palm is releasing webOS 1.3.2 to the Palm Pixi smartphone while the poor Palm Pre smartphone has to sit and wait and stumble along on webOS 1.3.1 according to an article over on engadget.

It seems that the hugely hyped Palm Pre has been relegated to the shadows as the webOS 1.3.2 update heads exclusively to its non-sliding cousin the Palm Pixi.

Apparently it is difficult to ascertain if this webOS 1.3.2 makes stuff better on the Palm Pixi as no one is quite certain what the update does so maybe it isn’t that much of a loss to the Palm Pre after all, but if you are packing a Palm Pixi keep an eye open for this OTA update.

Never mind Palm Pre, you can lurk in the darkened corners until they decide your time has come, until them it’s the Palm Pixi which takes pride of place in the webOS stakes anyway.


3 thoughts on “Palm Pixi gains webOS 1.3.2 while Poor Palm Pre waits”

  1. developsmart says:

    This is no loss to Palm Pre owners at all.

    In fact, it’s a smarter strategy to release new webOS updates to the Palm Pixi first. This reduces the number of bugs and headaches hardcore Palm Pre owners have to deal with.

    Let the Pixi owners get the first taste of new releases and when the coast is clear, bring it on right through for the Palm Pre owners.

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