Zhu Zhu Pets Apple iPhone App, download now

Are you someone that adores animals, maybe you simply love to play games involving animals, well if you do then you can now wile away your spare time helping out Mr. Squiggles on your iPhone with Zhu Zhu Pets iPhone application which is available for download right now.

According to appshopper, Zhu Zhu Pets Mr. Squiggles and his Adventure Ball application for the iPhone allows the user to flick and twist their way through miles of madcap mazes while helping out cute and cuddly Mr. Squiggles locate his other Zhu Zhu Pet friends.

Of course there are hazards to Mr. Squiggles search in the form of nasty sticky spider’s webs and yucky globs of goo which halt Mr. Squiggles, but a quick flick of you iPhone soon has him free and back on his way. The iPhone user will also need to make sure Mr. Squiggles gets fed with veggies so he can continue through an abundance of zones.

Zhu Zhu Pets Mr. Squiggles and his Adventure Ball for the iPhone is available as of right now and commands a price tag of just $1.99, which is reasonably cheap to keep you busy for hours, and maybe keep the kids entertained during the holidays.


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