iPhone for T-Mobile and not Verizon next year?

So here we have the latest rumour circulating the net waves concerning the iconic iPhone and which carrier will gain the iPhone when AT&T loses exclusivity next year. As we have all hear it is expected that Verizon Wireless may pick up the iPhone.

But as Verizon have kind of attacked the iPhone of late with their advertising campaign and the fact that they are now working kinda closely with Google and their Android with the Motorola Droid, it does seem unlikely Verizon will be chosen by Apple for the iPhone.

So who’s next in line, well according to an article over on The Street, next year the iPhone may just hit T-Mobile going by comments made by Doug Reid a Thomas Weisel analyst.

The move to T-Mobile with the iPhone could happen as the T-Mobile network is compatible with the iPhone whereas Verizon’s network isn’t, but then there is customer base to consider and this is where T-Mobile comes in behind Verizon with roughly half the subscriber base of Verizon.

So although all this is speculation, T-Mobile could possibly be Apple’s target for the iPhone next year, but with Verizon’s massive user base they surely have to be in consideration; no doubt we’ll find out next year some time.

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