Verizon 2010 Apple iPhone: Great Service Survey

A new mobile phone survey is now out from Consumer Reports who surveyed 50,000 readers and have found that while consumers love their mobile phone, the same can’t be said for their mobile phone service reports an article over on sfgate.

Not surprisingly the top slot for service goes to Verizon gaining a top rating 75 in the 26 cities included in the survey followed by T-Mobile who came in with a rating of 70, 3rd place went to Sprint with 69 and bringing up the rear at 4th was AT&T with 66.

As for mobile phone rating in the survey, again it doesn’t surprise that the iPhone 3GS takes top place with a rating of 74 while the iPhone 3G comes 2nd with 71 followed by the HTC Touch Pro 2 with 71 and with the Samsung Omina, Nokia N97, myTouch 3G and HTC Imagio all tying in 4th with a 70 rating.

The survey also show that 98% of iPhone users are satisfied and would purchase the iPhone again while 79% of other mobile phone users stated they would also purchase the same handset.