Video: Nokia N97 and N97 Mini Gets Compared

In two minds whether you should opt for the Nokia N97 or its smaller brother the Nokia N97 Mini? If so then what you need is a little help in that area, and to help you make an informed decision we have for your viewing pleasure a Nokia N97 verses the Nokia N97 Mini video.

The video which can be viewed below last nine minutes and the reviewer compares what both the Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 Mini offers the customer, so would be an invaluable decision making tool for anyone who is not quite sure which smartphone to get.

Spec wise there isn’t really a great deal of difference between the two, screen wise the Nokia N97 is larger at 3.5 inches than the Nokia N97 Mini at 3.2 inches and the camera lens on the Nokia N97 Mini loses the protective cover.

Build wise the Nokia N97 Mini is constructed out of metal while the Nokia N97 is plastic, although there is a memory difference with the Nokia N97 sporting 32GB while the Nokia N97 Mini only has 8GB. So hit up that video below courtesy of Nokia Experts and make an informed choice.

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