AT&T Service Lowest in US says Survey

It doesn’t really surprise that the findings of a recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports the lowest level of customer satisfaction in the good ole US goes to iPhone carrier AT&T, and apparently was the only US carrier to receive below average marks for voice quality reports an article over on pcworld.

Also unsurprising is that the carrier which scored the most marks in the survey for voice quality is rival carrier Verizon Wireless, followed up by T-Mobile and Sprint coming in with average marks.

Poor ole AT&T didn’t score too well in other areas as well such as below average across the board for customer service, although AT&T did at least manage to hit the average bar with their data and text service.

As for the all important area of cost, the survey found that AT&T has the most expensive average monthly cost for 2 line plans with wireless voice services coming in at an average of $86 per month, while wireless voice with data costs on average $126 a month. Although AT&T does hit a high when it comes to the most highest rated smartphone, which of course is the iPhone.

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