BerryWeather 2.0 now available and with new features

If you are a BerryWeather fan you may like to know that BerryWeather 2.0 has now been released and packs in some new features along with a few bug fixes and also some tweaks reports an article over on crackberry.

The price of BerryWeather 2.0 stands at $9.95 however if you already have a version you can upgrade to BerryWeather 2.0 for $3.99 and there is also a free trail available if you wish to try it out first, and also if you bought the application after the 15th of October you will get a free upgrade.

So here are some of the new features included in BerryWeather 2.0, there’s a new weather source from WeatherUderground.com, more accurate current conditions; new high-res icon set, current weather can now be homescreen wallpaper with customisation options and full support for OS 5.0 transitions.

Other features are notifications only for specific advisories, support for BerryPopup, use of multiple custom radar maps/webcams, and pinch to zoom radar maps on numerous touch screen BlackBerry handsets.

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