Great package from T-Mobile HTC HD2

The latest offering from T-Mobile, the Touch HD2 from HTC is said to deliver a superb user experience. The unusual 4.3 inch display is by itself truly astounding.

It feature the first capacitive touch technology on a Windows Mobile phone together with a 1 GHz processor, to enable a fast as lightning smooth response to the lightest touch of your finger. Maybe what’s more important is the fact that this is also the first Windows Mobile phone that features HTC Sense user interface.

HTC Sense, offer a super holistic experience that primarily focuses on making your phone work in the most intuitive way. The HTC Sense UI is actually based on three main principles Stay close, Discover the unexpected and Make it Mine.

It is better to experience the HTC HD2 than to attempt to describe it in words, but for example the display will automatically alter itself to the light level in your surroundings it will also turn off during a call to avoid incorrect screen touches, the ringer volume also lowers when the phone realises that it has been picked up. To find out more including the deal offered by T-Mobile simply visit blog.esay-solutions

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