HTC Touch B Video uses Qualcomm’s brew

Historically HTC have always been know as manufacturers of smartphones. They were even producing Windows Mobile devices until last year when they decided to launch the first Android device.

Since then, the launch of the very first Android powered device, hey have released some subsequent models. There is however one niggling problem that just doesn’t seem to want to go away. That is of course the fact that these smartphones do not scale down in cost.

Even the cheapest of the smartphone are still too costly to most of us, especially in emerging economies. Maybe not for to much longer though as here we have something nice and tasty to share with you, the touch B.

Originally we all thought the Touch B would run on Android, but as it turns out we were wrong, it actually uses Qualcomm’s new Brew MP operating system. Bearing in mind that this device is made by HTC you can bet your bottom dollar that they have redesigned the UI themselves and as I’m sure you’ll agree what they’ve done is nothing short of amazing. Rumor has it that we can expect this in early 2010 sadly we have no indication of cost yet. Source – intomobile.com