Motorola Sholes Tablet gets Detailed and Pictured

As with most mobile phones they are usually followed by a sequel and the Motorola Droid looks to be getting such a sequel too as images and details hit the net that are reportedly the successor to the Motorola Droid, the Motorola Sholes Tablet.

According to the guys over at the boy genius report, the shots and details were leaked by a Chinese message board and those specs for the rumoured Motorola Sholes Tablet include a 3.7 inch touch screen, Android 2.0 operating system although it may be Android 2.1 by launch date, UMTS/HSPA, HDMI and an 8 megapixel camera with xenon flash.

The Motorola Sholes Tablet seems to lose the Motorola Droid’s slide out QWERTY keyboard though which could be a bit of a downer, and the guys say they aren’t too thrilled about the blue soft touch finish on the rear of the handset.

If you remember the codename for the Motorola Droid was Sholes before it launched, so maybe we are actually seeing the next generation of the Motorola Droid, what do you think?

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