BlackBerry Fan Lady Gaga’s Tweets

A good day for Heidi Montag was October 19th and it was also a good day for AT&T, as that was the day the wireless operator gave the actress and singer a BlackBerry Bold in a striking new color. Montag posted a photo of her and her phone on Twitter with the caption ‘I LOVE it!! My new phone’

Almost immediately after that was posted, dozens of Montag’s 690,000 Twitter followers clicked and expressed their approval calling the phone amazing. One commented AT&T always has the best phones.

To carrier AT&T and RIM (Research in Motion) BlackBerry maker that kind of publicity is amazing, so to elicit it they gift or seed products for free to celebrities usually at concerts or award shows. This practice isn’t new, but with the increase of micro blogging services such as Twitter it makes things even easier for companies and fans to keep track on the phones that are being used by celebrities.

With Twitter, tracking preferences for mobiles can be as easy as watching for a tweet like that of Montag that simply refers to s particular phone. Although for those celebs that are not as bold, a quick read of their twitter status line usually offers an insight into which phone they are currently using. Source – forbes.com

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