iPhone gets modded into Frankenstein Phone-O-Scope

Why anyone would feel the need to modify their iPhone to have an SLR lens is quite beyond me, especially if the resulting images of from the mod are crappy, but someone did as reported by the guys over at engadget.

I mean if you are going to carry about this Frankenstein-ish iPhone creation why not simply go for a full on SLR camera and be done with it, although if I actually saw someone using this iPhone mod on the street it would at least raise a laugh or two.

iPhone gets modded into Frankenstein Phone-O-Scope

Apparently the thing is called the Phone-O-Scope and was created by Bhautik Joshi, but the thing besides being cumbersome and ugly simply doesn’t give good picture results as you can see; back to the drawing board I think.

Apparently this monstrosity is created using a laser senor ripped from a CD player, PVC piping and an abundance of Duct tape is evident and of course the SLR lens. So is there anyone out there that would actually deface their iPhone and go outside with this?

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