Verizon BOGO Android is HTC Droid Eris Free Only

The word is that Verizon’s buy one get one free promotion will be extended to their Android line-up this weekend is looking as if it will indeed go ahead, although for Android hunters out there, there is some disappointing news.

According to an article over on phandroid is that the BOGO doesn’t include the Motorola Droid, well not as the free choice anyway, but if you purchase the Droid you can have an HTC Droid Eris for the free option as it’s basically the only free Android option.

The HTC Droid Eris does normally command a price tag of $100 rather than its big brother’s $200, and is still a good Android handset, but it would have been good to see buy a Droid get a Droid free option.

You can of course opt to purchase a Droid Eris and gain another Droid Eris for free so you have a spare for the price of one. One thing is for sure though; Verizon won’t lose out on the deal.

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