Google Maps Starred Items Sync with Symbian and Windows Mobile

Google has now released Google Maps 3.3 for Windows Mobile and Symbian mobile phones, which enables the user to keep the starred places on their handset and PC synchronised reports the Google Blog.

Starring places works well when the user is out on the town and find cool spots with your handset and the user can star those spots so that when they return to Google Maps on their home computer they’ll know said spots will be starred on the map.

Users upgrading from a previous version of Google Maps for Mobile will be asked once logged in whether they would like to sync their starred items to their Google account and thus preserve the work customising their map on their mobile phone and have it show in the Google Maps desktop browser.

So there you have it, starred items in Google Maps now sync from your mobile phone to your computer on Windows Mobile and Symbian although Google is also adding the same functionality to other mobile version in the not too distant future.

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