HTC Passion Snapdragon phone going to T-Mobile running Android 2.1

There has been a number of rumors floating around this weekend over the HTC Passion / Dragon which is rumoured to be Google’s Android 2.1 flagship phone. In a much similar way to that which was when the Droid premiered Android 2.0.

The same time that the Droid was announced the was a commotion about the fact that Google had taken to holding that hand of a certain vendor for each Android release. Now not that long after the rumors have started again, this time however, regarding the HTC / Google collaboration known as the Passion or Dragon.

After the speculation and yet more rumors referring to the Passion / Dragon being very similar to the HD2 but running Android and that the version would be 2.1. Next followed another rumor that the Passion or Dragon was a figment and actually never really existed at all.

Boy Genius reported on a list of HTC Android phones from a leaked Android 2.1 build some code names amongst which were some gems including the ‘Incredible’ and not forgetting of course the Passion and the PassionC and the Dragon. A tipster also claims that the Android phone ’Passion’ will be released on T-Mobile in the middle of January. Source – mobilitysite.com


3 thoughts on “HTC Passion Snapdragon phone going to T-Mobile running Android 2.1”

  1. Kenshin says:

    HELL ………… YEAH!!!
    Well … I may be trading up from the slow moving G1, who has served me well… with its low ROM capability.seriously…. if only the G1 had more ROM, I may not even … ah who am I kidding … bigger screen, goin for it.

  2. syscrash says:

    LOL that is awesome. Too bad for the big red fan boys. I’m so sick of listening to the verizon junkies on here talk about how it is going to their carrier. Personally I think we’ll see the phone on all carriers in one form or another.

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